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Adam Telfer, Berlin

I’m a Game Designer and Developer from Waterloo, Canada. I have been working on Mobile since 2008, and worked on console and flash games before this. I’ve ridden the waves through mobile’s most exciting periods: the first gold rush of the App Store, the transition to free to play, to the mature period we are competing in now.

My passion has always been the balance between business and game design. Designing systems that can take a fun game and make it last for years. Designing monetization so that it hits the right balance between being fun and being profitable.

Tom Kinniburgh, London

I’ve worked in mobile games for 8 years and published over 100 different mobile apps. I’ve had the privilege to work on the notable Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Contre Jour to smaller indie apps such as Pocket Village, Head of State and Logic Dots. My passion has always been in growth and marketing. Taking great games and making sure they get the discovery they deserve. Besides marketing I enjoy the nuances of monetisation design and economy design -- how to create fun that pays!

Previously as Head of Business Development at Game Analytics I helped apps of all sizes reach higher potential. We focussed on using data to know what wasn’t working and helping apps grow through small but profitable campaigns. Every game is different and every game can grow. Figuring out how to do this, drives me.

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MF2P is the champions league level in game consultancy.

We got razor-sharp answers to our most (de-)pressing questions and major help to identify new business opportunities for our game. Over-achieved and over-delivered!

Filip Fischer, Charged Monkey

Our Specialties

Increasing Retention

Good games bring people back time and time again. This metric is the beating heart of your mobile experience. Obsessing about this metric is how we work. There is no one solution to creating it but D30+ retention is a simple measure of success. Through analysing and playing your games we come up with novel solutions to improve and grow short and long term retention.

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Monetisation Design

Without generating revenue, your business will die. Creating flows, balance and features that people want to pay for requires a careful attention to detail, value and mechanics. We focus your development back to this core and try to raise your LTV through innovative techniques.

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Growth & Marketing Support

Creating a strong growth stack that you can action with your marketing is core to being able to spend profitably. We help to get the right event structure to drive meaningful KPIs. We’re also able to help setup and manage campaigns from lots of ad partners.

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