Hire a Game Design Consultant

You can hire us to help you at all stages of your game development project. Our expertise is specifically for mobile free to play (f2p) game development, but as we are seeing on console and PC gaming more and more free to play techniques and subscription models are being used.

Why do I need a game design consultant?

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A game design consultant has a large amount of experience at working on a diverse set of projects.  This experience can help to save you a lot of time and a lot of mistakes that you might not be aware that you are making.  Game consultants are also not connected to your company or your management and so usually provide very fair and often hard to hear facts about your studio and game team. Although often hard to hear the comments should be constructive and help you to change your habits and make better and more successful games because of it.

What services do you provide?

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We offer a number of services that vary depending on where you are in your project, the genre, your teams experience and the mobile market that you are attacking.  In each case, we take a holistic approach and make strong and fast decisions that help you to get things done. Here are some of the main services that we provide:

  1. A second pair of eyes to let you know how your game stacks up and find improvements to beat the competition
  2. Valuable experience in launching and managing soft launches so that you make effective changes that have worked for other teams.
  3. Re-invigorate teams that have been working on projects for a number of years and might have lost sight of the main goals.
  4. Align business objectives with the game design so that the game becomes more focused on generating revenue rather than getting lost in the nuances of the systems.
  5. Help the CEO or CTO make tough decisions on killing projects or moving team members onto more effective work

In each case, every game and every gaming studio is very different.  There is no one size fits all approach and what worked on other games may not work for your game. In each case, we want to ensure we’re generating value for your business and if we’re not, tell us and we will fix it or double down on our efforts for success.  So far all of our clients have felt some form of benefits and many of our clients continue to keep in touch with their new projects.

How long does consulting take?

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Most of the time consultancy services last anywhere from 3 to 6 months and the majority of workload is at the beginning and during the launch phases of any project.  We usually suggest that our consultants work 30-50h per month with you and your team depending on the size and scale of the project. Once sprints are setup and a clear direction established the number of hours needed can drop to 10-20h per month where we take more of an advisory role.

We have been known to do large research projects or run market analysis for future game directions or profitability studies. In these circumstances, we would always try to commit to a deadline for a deliverable and this would be agreed in advance.

Do you travel or can we travel to meet you?

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Most of the work we do can be done remotely, but depending on your company position we also often visit your offices. We also speak very often at game design conferences and we like to chat on podcasts or YouTube shows about anything to do with game design and free to play!

If you have any questions about how a game design consultant can help your business or project get in touch and we would be happy to discuss.