The Free to Play Game Design Bible: How to Make a Gacha Game?

So you want to create a Gacha Game but don’t know where to start?

The following article digs into how to best design and develop a Gacha Game and looks into many of the core strategies implemented by some of the largest and best-known game developers.

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What is a Gacha Game?

A gacha game is a game that uses a gacha system to assist in the monetisation of the game. Gacha, coming from the Japanese “Gashapon” (a vending machine dispensed toy) describes a game that implements this vending machine/loot box style mechanic to gift in-game collectables in exchange for in-game or real money currency.

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In our article How to Design a Gacha System we describe some of the core principles that make strong gacha game. These include:

  • Depth – How a single card can have enough depth to feel powerful as you level it up
  • Width – How all the cards can have enough drops to make the gacha last a long period of time
  • Desire – How can you differentiate each card, item or ability to that collecting it feels important?


One of the biggest factors when creating a gacha game is making sure users don’t feel deflated when they receive a duplicate drop. Ensuring positive and rewarding experiences can be hard to do. Read Creating a Strong Gacha: How the Pros Make Sure Duplicates Aren’t ‘Bad Drops’ to learn more details on how duplicates can still be fun.

For a quick overview they include:

  • Removing Duplication where possible
  • Variable Chance based on previous Drops
  • Converting anything into something of value
  • Eliminating Drops by using energy or quality mechanics

And finally, we have curated a collection of some of the best content from around the web detailing some of the best design principles for creating gacha games in or Free to Play Bible article How to Design Loot Boxes and Gacha Systems

Popular Games with a Gacha System?

As a Gacha system is a meta-game system there are many different types, genres and game mechanics that all use Gacha in a different way. Links lead to game deconstructions or further details of these games.

Deconstructing Fortnite: A Deeper Look at the Battle Pass -  20

We hope you found this article helpful, if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below. And let us know if you know of any other tips that you’d like us to include!